• Pine
    There are three groups of substances in the composition of the glass. These are the so-called oxides, melts and stabilizers which can be formed into glass. These materials, which enter the glass composition, can also be called sand-soda-lime.
  • Wooden
    Wooden; It is a material that is used in many sectors ranging from furniture to carpentry and even partly from construction to housing, from shelter to decoration to man.
  • Metal
    When the used steel is recycled and put into production, the raw material source is preserved. 1000 kg. when used steel is recycled and used again in steel production, 1050 kg. iron ore, 454 kg. coke and 55 kg. it is saved from limestone.
  • Paper
    Paper and cardboard are present in large quantities between recyclable solid waste. Newspaper papers are the most important part of paper types.
  • Plastic
    Plastic is the name given to materials obtained by converting carbon (C) bonds to groups of monomeric molecules formed with hydrogen (H), oxygen (O), nitrogen (N) and other organic or inorganic elements into a long and chain structure called polymer .